Grayler Steel Inc. strives to create and maintain a safe workplace in order to minimize and/or prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. We go to great lengths to ensure all Grayler Steel employees observe and comply with the requirements of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.

A joint health and safety committee has been implemented for developing and publishing comprehensive health and safety manual and for ensuring that appropriate health and safety standards are developed, implemented and maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Health And Safety Act.

The following guidelines are established to provide and maintain a safe work environment for all operations.

          • Safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in all areas of responsibility.

          • Employees perform their work in compliance with accepted safe work practices and procedures.

          • Adequate training is provided to employees so that tasks assigned to employees can be performed safely.

          • Employees are notified of any potential hazards which may exist in and around the work location.

These guidelines serve to ensure responsible business practice and allow us to serve our customers and local communities in the best possible way.